Creating Digital Frames for photo booths

Why do we enjoy creating digital frames for photo booths? The best part of operating a photo booth is telling the client, “What would you like your frame to look like?”. Furthermore, we love creating and this allows us to take any idea and put it to a photo frame. Finally, all our frame creations come from the minds of our clients and a little help from us. Here are a couple frames us and our clients created today.

Creating digital frames for photo booths by theme.  We can create a frame template that will work with any theme you have in mind, however, we do need some time to provide these services.  Usually a week from concept to finished product.  Furthermore, we encourage any artwork or drawings from our clients.  Even a simple drawing sent to us via photo from cell phone to sms.

HLSR Cookoff
SGS Corporate Event
Willie Wonka Party
Willie Wonka Frame

Both of these frames are for upcoming events.

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