Photo Booth Rental And Karaoke? What they have in common and why they are both so popular!

So, why is a photo booth and karaoke so popular?

Let’s face it, most people are content to sit down and watch the younger ones take to the dance floor.  Therefore,  what is it about karaoke and photo booths that get the older ones up and at it?  Well to take your phone and snap a selfie at forty is just not cool to the younger ones. But hey, you can hop in the photo booth and act as silly as you want and nobody is the wiser! Oh, and let me tell you something else, these young kids can’t sing. What’s that rap they are rambling?  Show them how to sing, I mean really sing! As the older generation takes the mic to belt out some Frank Sinatra’s “My Way!”.  Karaoke and photo booths are both extremely interactive and cross a generation gap bringing all age groups together.  Grabbing props and acting silly brings out the kid in everyone! therefore, this is one major reason that photo booth rentals in Houston and everywhere else, have been so popular among both wedding clients as well as corporate clients.

karaoke for hire in houston, tx

Face It offers both Karaoke and Photo Booth at a reduced bundle price.  Why? Because we make one trip with a trailer to unload all equipment verses hiring two separate companies to travel to your location.  The savings stay in your pocket.  With over thirteen years in the entertainment industry and low deposits, you keep your peace of mind intact.  Click on the link above “Contact Us” for an instant quote.  You do not need to submit your information to get a quote.  Call us if you have a budget and we will give you some options.  Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you from Face It and the Karaoke Houston crew!

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