We Guarantee

  • Your selected service will start on time or the first hour will be free and refunded. Or an extra full hour for free (Your Choice)
  • All services paid for will be provided or the cost of service plus 10% will be refunded.
  • Your Attendant will be professional at all times
  • Your attendant will be dressed appropriately for your event.
  • Your attendant will have good hygiene.  (May seem like common sense, but you know how that goes.)
  • Your attendant is background checked and has no felonies. Information on your attendant will be provided at your request. (Especially important for youth events and house parties)
  • We will be available for overtime if requested for events ending 7pm or later.
  • We will never tell a guest "no" to a reasonable request without speaking to the client first.

We strive for 100% satisfaction.  However, there are some clients that will try and take advantage of our policies, so our terms of service are still enforced.  However, when we are at fault, we will make it right! That is our promise to you!

Terms Of Service

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